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For the last several years I have worked with a technology company, and was the lead in the construction of a multimedia development and distribution platform. At SpotMagic, we have created an easy to use authoring and development environment that allows common computer users to piece together all different sorts of media into presentations that are interactive, like a web page, and play out on a time-line, like a television broadcast.

SpotMagic really represents a culmination of all the different things that I had done before. I found that all along I had been creating ways to bring disparate devices and presentation equipment and ideas together into whole coherent shows. And to facilitate myself as a performer, such a system had to playback at a button-click, so that the performer could stand in front of it and say "See, look what I did."

Here is a screen shot of the SpotComposer software Scene Editor, and a couple of interfaces that were built using Spot. If you would like to learn more, download the SpotComposer from the link above, or go to spotmagic.com.


I currently spend much of my time developing applications of the SpotMagic technology. In a nutshell, a SPOT is a generic, intelligent media rendering engine that is dynamically scriptable and can acquire media through various networking and broadcasting transports. The SpotMagic technology, or SpotMedia, is a collection of methodologies for combining many SPOTs together into presentations, applications, and broadcasts.

Application of the technology include:
  • SpotKiosk, stand-alone, or networked, public access terminal/kiosk interfaces such as retail in-store cataloging, or information booth applications. SpotKiosk website
  • SpotMagic Media Services is an application of the SpotMagic technology that enables asset distribution and controlled sharing from a centrallized data wherehouse.
  • Simulconference is an application of the SpotMagic technology that enables real-time synchronized presentation/application broadcast used with traditional voice conferencing. This application is actually a derivitive of the SpotBroadcast application which enables synchronized interactive content for television on two screens, or combined for interactive TV.
Download SpotMagic's SpotComposer and create your own interactive multimedia TV.
(6.8mb, requires Windows ME or above.)

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