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About Me

Me Me Me Me Me... Sorry, I have never been good a self aggrandizement. Below is my current resume, the other sections of this web site present the things that I have created. It and I are a work in progress.

Into the aspiring alley, a strangled sense of need comes... devouring...



Multimedia and Networking systems Technologist/Programmer

OBJECTIVE I am looking for projects where I can use my inherent skills to bring technology systems together. I have a natural ability to determine needs, and implement systems to satisfy those needs, as a team leader, or self reliant. My demeanor is personable and casual, yet very professional, and I find that my attitudes and abilities are highly suited for project based assignments. My preference is towards the arts and media and their present convergence with technology and communication. My specialty is in large-scale multimedia presentation design and implementation. I am an alpha techno geek and have been building and using computers and A/V equipment since I was twelve, yet I consider computers and technology themselves to be less important than what can be accomplished with them.

TARGET JOB Desired Job Type: Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status: Full-Time, Part-Time
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job:
I prefer to work remotely, when this is applicable to the task, yet I believe that 50/50 on-site/off-site is preferable, when it allows collaboration time as well as focus time.
Career Level: Management (Manager/Director of Staff)
Date of Availability: Negotiable

TARGET COMPANY Company Size: No Preference
Category: Arts and Media, Technology and Design
Description of my ideal company:
Choosing a specific category here is difficult (Arts, or Computers); I am multi-disciplined and prefer to be useful across my range. I am well suited to work on projects where both my computer and networking skills are used in conjunction with art, design, and media skills, as well as even stage craft and performance. Through my career this combination has proven very successful in bridging the gaps between artists, technologists, and executives.

US-CA-San Francisco

WORK STATUS US Citizen I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

EXPERIENCE 11/2004 - Present Tolver.com San Francisco, CA
Co-op Executive Officer, CTO
tolver.com is an independent co-op of internet professionals who have created a shared space on the web to offer hosting, and our services as administrators. My partners and I created tolver.com to demostrate a new model for the independent internet contractor, where entities with digital need could be matched with professionals with digital know-how.
For tolver.com, I have been responsible for all aspects of the server and network infastructure, as well as technical administration of client accounts, and production and developmet work with several key clients.

6/1994 - Present SpotMagic, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Technologist, Founder
I joined SpotMagic, very early in its existence, as an Applications Designer, prototyping what would become their flagship multimedia development and broadcasting platform. Over time, I was promoted to Lead Developer and then to CTO and Director of Development. I was responsible for all technical aspects of the company's focus, including Enterprise Network design, implementation and administration, Software design, development, developmental management, Technology evaluation and procurement, client implementation design, and corporate representation. I was asked to join the Board of Directors of SpotMagic, and as the architect of SpotMagic's technology am considered a co-founder, by the original founders.
With SpotMagic, I created a multimedia broadcast system that includes a client end "player" capable of rendering any media supported by the underlying OS, an authoring environment for the creation of rich media presentations for delivery to that player, and a network architecture that allows for the distribution of made presentations in a manner similar to broadcast television procedures.
Leading a team of programmers and content producers, I was responsible for the broadcast of "second-screen simulcast" interactive content to be used in conjunction with television shows broadcast by The Game Show Network, including "WinTV", which ran for over a year. This included coordinating with the network on a daily basis.
The position required that I provide personnel and budget management for my department, as well as reporting directly to the Board and shareholders.

1/2006 - 3/2012 Isle of you Retreat Pahoa, HI
Entertainment / Internet Coordinator
Created and managed internet connectivity and presence as well as internal networking for a rural guest retreat in Hawaii including: website, database, and mail servers, guest connectivity management systems. Managed electrical, sound and lighting for the event pavillion; stage management and coordination of guest performers. DJ five hours per week.

3/2006 - 1/2012 Anuenue Protea Farms Kahuku, HI
Manager / Technical Coordinator
Managed all aspects of a group of flower farms on the Big Island of Hawaii, including coordination with distribution and sales, creation and management of websites, databases, email servers, documentation, and advertising.

1/1990 - 4/1994 CyberWired Productions Austin, TX
Production Designer
Created multimedia presentation implementations for stage, gallery, and other large installations. Created integrated designs for audio, video and lighting control, as well as MIDI implementations and programming. Worked directly with clients to determine their needs and vision, and then working alone and in teams created and operated those installations.
This is the "job" that I have continued to "do" in my spare time. Although no longer affiliated with a company, I take on these types of projects whenever I can.

5/1987 - 5/1994 Hardware Lies Austin, TX
Composer, Musician, Performer, Producer
Created multimedia presentation implementations for stage, and video. Composed and created musical arrangements, as well as sampling and MIDI implementations and programming. Published two full length cassettes, and two CDs.

2/1989 - 5/1992 Kinko's, KnightRider Austin, TX
Document Specialist, Desktop Publishing Specialist
Production utilizing several document production technologies including Xerox 1090, 5090, and Docutech, Canon Color, Fiery, and BubbleJet. Provided document creation services to clients through Desktop Publishing, and administered public access computers.

SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
Cisco IOS Intermediate Current 4 years
ISP and Telecom integration Expert Current 6 years
LAN/WAN design Expert Current 14 years
LAN/WAN administration Expert Current 14 years
Microsoft Products / Operating Systems Expert Current 18 years
Multimedia Expert Current 19 years
C++ Intermediate Current 4 years
VBscript Expert Current 6 years
Visual Basic Expert Current 8 years
Microsoft ASP Expert Current 6 years
SQL2000 - 2005 Intermediate Current 4 years
C# / .NET Intermediate Current 5 years
MIDI Expert Current 17 years
HTML Expert Current 9 years
UI Design Expert Current 9 years
Documentation Expert Current 12 years

OTHER KEYWORDS Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Internet, Information Technologies and Services, Consumer Electronics, Broadcast Media, Museums and Institutions, Performing Art, Design, Printing, Libraries, programming, application design, application development, application integration, computer design, computer procurement, computer construction, network design, network implementation, internet connectivity, service provider negotiation, systems design, systems training, a/v design, a/v installation, video production, sound engineering, sound design, sound recording, audio production, cd production, dvd production, broadcast scheduling, interactive television production, interactive television programming, stage design, stage craft, production management, lighting operator, midi sequencing, songwriting, graphic design, documentation, patent application submittal, copy writing, highspeed copying, color copying, large-scaling image reproduction

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